Frizzly’s Total Body Conditioning

Recent Classes

This is the one-stop shop for everything FTBC. Below, you’ll find brief summaries of each class throughout the semester, including the playlist, routines, and what color tank top Frizzly was wearing. (Hint: it was gray.)

Fall 2016:

Fall 2015:

Who is Frizzly? What is FTBC?

Frizzly’s Total Body Conditioning (FTBC) is a different kind of group fitness class. Instead of doing endless vinyasas, dance routines, or static calisthenics, FTBC will push you to the brink with challenging bodyweight exercise circuits, dedicated abdominal and core work, and a killer burn-out set that have you crying, “Crickey!”

While FTBC is certainly demanding, it is designed with all fitness levels in mind. Modifications accompany every exercise movement and are encouraged among attendees just starting their fitness journey. Additionally, every class will start and end with a specialized stretching routine to appropriately warm up and cool down your body.

Unlike in the gym, you won’t need any barbells, dumbbells, or church bells (wait a minute…). All you’ll need to bring are l o o s e, comfortable clothing (such as shorts or yoga pants and a t-shirt), gym shoes, a bottle for water (Nalgene for the win), and a positive attitude.

Alongside past FTBC routines, Fred will also periodically post some of his favorite programs and other workout routines.


My Favorite Workout Routines:

Fred & Fitness

Though Fred played sports for most of his childhood, his interest in fitness didn’t begin until he was sixteen years old and purchased the P90X home fitness system for $140. He still deems it the best investment he’s ever made. Over the next few years, he enjoyed other Beachbody products, like Insanity and Body Beast, and regularly woke up at 5 am to complete a workout before school started.

After matriculating to Wesleyan, Fred walked onto the crew team (you can read about his experiences here) but later chose to pursue his talents as an amateur runner. He has since raced in marathons, half-marathons, and 10Ks.

Fred was accredited by the American Sport and Fitness Association in June 2015 and continues to write avidly about fitness and health topics. Some of his favorite posts can be found below,

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